Cascada La Venteadora, San Cipriano
Cascada La Venteadora, San Cipriano

I am someone that can tell you the story behind every monument, every place and every corner in the area I am specialized: The Southwest of Colombia. I am also a nature lover and I have special training to take you on tours around our overwhelming natural places. 


But, like my places, I also have an story behind. I am a professional. I have engineering, computer, graphic design and marketing studies. I am also a certified diver. I used to work as graphic designer for one of the biggest stationery companies in Colombia. Then I was hired by a big German company that sent me to sell graphic design around Latin America. I traveled a lot and I learned a lot about what a traveler would like to find when he/she is in an unknown place. Then I worked in technology companies when that was a novelty. I sold printing and communications equipment for a time and then I started a family snacks business. It was OK for some time but in my times of traveling I had a dream: I wanted to be the "man-you-can-trust-in" when you are in a foreign country. So I decided to follow my dream.


I took the courses, I got my certification and there I am, ready to help you get in love with my country. That´s me and that's the service I am offering. I love my country, I know very well the southwest side of it and I want to share it with you!


Welcome to Colombia!


Usually, Tour Guides in Colombia have a low educational profile, a low social position and due to both conditions, they haven’t traveled as they should to really be helpful for you. Also, they usually speak only Spanish. And usually, they are guides because they couldn't do any other thing. 


In my case, I am a CERTIFIED TOUR GUIDE*. I have a certification on Tour Guiding technology, I am a Certified Touristic Informer with an additional certification for Nature Tours and I have traveled a lot inside and outside Colombia so I know a little bit more about what would you need, expect or search for. I am English/Spanish bilingual and I have a high educational and social profile.


So, if you are looking for someone to make your trip the best travel experience in your life, that’s me.


(*) Certified Tour Guide with Professional Card #2591 and RNT (National Tourist Registration) 59688. You can check that on the Professional Council for Tour Guides  web page ( or  check with some of the journalists that have written about me in international magazines:

National Geographic Traveler Magazine ( “Cali te mueve” by Tracy Barnett, page 101-102, June 2011).

Travesías (“Cali, tu cuerpo pide salsa”, by Juliana Frick, Page 28-29, #127, February 2013) *

JAXFAX Travel Marketing Magazine (“Living large in Cali, Colombia” by Cindy Ross, pages 15-17, August 2012) and more.






*: This link is not working anymore. The file is too old but I was there.